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We create and manage online Contents, Channels, Conversations, Communities – the 4 Cs.
With us, you'll get experts’ help in developing your online strategies, tactics and analyses. We ride on the latest digital communication technology to help you understand the key social influence factors. Along with a wealth of inspiring real- and virtual-community cases, we offer tremendous support to your online campaigns.
We help you grab the interest of your target groups via concise and compelling communications with attractive visuals, hype-free articles, clever infographics, and compelling videos.
There are many ways to promote your company, product or service. Effective selection of the right channels surely enhances audience awareness, category placement and target group penetration.
We view social media as an important component in business strategy, not simply a set of new tools. Unlike traditional corporate communication, which is hierarchical, social media brings customers, prospects, industry-watchers, opinion leaders and others into an open conversation at all levels.
Listen to the voices of your target groups. Our powerful analytics can help you fathom market trend and opinions of your target audiences.
Hulu Intelligence
We developed a custom metrics dashboard that combines real-time data collections and analytics. It provides competitive intelligence analyses to track audience penetration. We monitor and report on what's being said about clients and their market across leading forums and communities.
Hulu Mails
eRM is not merely an email marketing engine, but an integrated marketing platform with functions, such as Deliverability Report, Result Analytics, and Contact Management, etc that help you better manage your marketing campaigns.
Hulu News
Just 3 steps to send your breaking news across Asia! This is the web-based press release platform that aims at providing a convenient online solution for companies and organizations to blast out your latest news (articles & SMS) directly to target media by emails and / or SMS anytime and anywhere.
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